Virgil Petition:

Virgil Residents Request Ban

July 13th article in the Cortland Standard announcing Virgil residents’ request for a Ban

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VGDAC Mission Statement

The upstate New York region is struggling to come to terms with the tension between the economic benefits and environmental/societal hazards posed by the natural gas boom operating in the Marcellus Shale region. At every political level, from the federal government to local townships, there is an ongoing effort to find the right balance between economic pressures and the long-term preservation of our communities and natural resources.

The Virgil Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (VGDAC) is a group of residents in Virgil, NY, whose vision is to build and maintain a community-wide conversation about the consequences of gas drilling in our township and the role that we residents can play in shaping our future. Through outreach both to other citizens and to local government, we envision the creation of a cohesive community voice in the local political process, a voice whose ultimate impact will last for generations.

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